Din bilstereospecialist i Stockholm sedan 1988

08 - 652 49 60

Mosconi Pico 8/12
Mosconi Pico 8/12 Mosconi Pico 8/12

Mosconi Pico 8/12

  • Art.nr: Mosconi Pico 8/12
  • Lager: 2-5 vardagar
  • Fraktvikt: 1.5kg
  • Tillverkad av: Mosconi


Lägg till i varukorg:

Mosconi Pico 8/12 är ett Otroligt kompakt 8-kanals slutsteg med inbyggd dsp. Tack vare effektiv intern kylning kan storleken hållas ner till ett minimum. Hela 8 slutstegs kanaler och 12 kanals dsp för ev. utbyggnad.

Mått: 150 x 115 x 45mm

High speed PVM-kretsar som arbetar i class G/H gör att man får ut mycket effekt utan hög strömförbrukning och värmeutveckling.

Sp-dif optisk digitalingång. Då hanteras allt digital utan omvandlingar inne i steget ända tills signalen lämnar slutsteget.

4 högnivåingångar med summering av signalen, så har du ett filtrerat system så fungerar det ändå

Ingång för blåtandsmodul som klarar high-res material.

På karakteristiskt Mosconi-vis så finns det både ingångs-eq och 6x30 bands eq

Den inbyggda dspn är faktiskt såpass bra/avancerad att den är lika bra eller bättre än alla andra dsp på marknaden. Endast slagen av Mosconis flaggskepp 8to12 Aerospace.

8x60 Watt (RMS) 2 Ohm stabil.


MOSCONI PICO 8l12 DSP codename "Steamroller"

Hardware characteristics:

Signal-controlled power supply unit: In contrast to Class G/H, the power supply is only switched on, when required (high levels) and controlled depending on the power requirement. Benefit: The idle current is between 250mA and 450mA (depending on speaker circuitry)

Particularly interesting for electric mobility and motorhomes

Converterless High-Speed PWM Power Amplifiers: Highly efficient PWM power amplifiers with the fastest carrier frequency worldwide (>2MHz), enabling HiRes audio transmission and the extremely small size. The modulation is done without DAC directly from the 96kHz TDM signal of the DSP, so the background noise is towards zero and THD+N ~0.02% / 1W.

Input side:

4x Analog inputs ( + 4 with optional extension card) symmetrical (High-Level) or asymmetrical (Low-Level).

Variable load resistances and divider resistances, therefore adaptable over a very wide voltage range

1x Digital input SP-Dif optical (8kHz – 96kHz Sampling rate)

1x Bluetooth-Port with SP-Dif – TTL (8kHz – 96kHz, e.g. for Mos_BTS Bluetooth Streaming Module)

1x Bluetooth extended digital Audio Port (BT+) (flexible8kHz – 384kHz synchronous digital input for audio sources with 2-16 channels, direct DSP access without jitter, e.g. for MOS BTS96k Bluetooth streaming module or extended analog inputs)


294.912 MHz, 32-bit Audio-Port, 64-Bit Core. Double Precision 56Bit filter calculation. 3072 SIMD instructions per sample at 96 kHz. ASRCs from 1:8 up to 7.75:1 ratio and 139 dB DNR.

Output side:

8x 60W/RMS speaker output 2-ohm stable (not bridgeable) 4x 2Vrms Line output SN/R 112dB 1x digital output optical (96kHz / 24Bit, complete master-capable)

More Pico versions with 4CH and 6CH output will follow


1x USB Serial Data (connection PC / GUI)

1x Remote Connector (connectionfor RCD, RC-Mini, RTC-Hub)

2x Bluetooth control port (connection MOS-BT3.0 (App-control), RC-Can (CAN-Bus-control)

1x Remote out, 1x Remote in

Autosense (at highlevel-connection).

Power and in/out connections made by Molex® to have the best possibility for car specific harnesses.

Very low thermal heating, amplifier can be installed in small places without cooling air.

Dimensions: 150x115x45 mm

DSP features:

3x 9 band parametric input-EQ (De-Equalizing) 6x Input-Delay 0 – 3ms / 0,01ms (De-Delay) 

10x Input level control digital (signal conditioning)

Flexible mixer for Signalrouting (side separately, able to sum and subtract, 10 inputsto 4x2 output groups)

6x 30 band or 4x30 band + 2x15 band group-EQ (parametric, relative phase remains stable)

12x 10 band output filter HighPass / LowPass / HighShelf / LowShelf / Notch / Allpass 1st or 2nd order / Speaker-EQ)

12x Speaker-Delay 0 – 12ms, 0,01ms

12x Speaker Phase switch.

Dynamic EQ, filter and Delay-settings

Group-EQ, output filter and delay can be adjusted in 4 steps depending on the source or the input level

High-Speed Noisegate (is not noticed because it opens faster than the signal is processed in the DSP. Automatic setup, self-measuring the noisefloor level of the source)

Signal generator (Dirac / Pink Noise / White Noise / Sinussweep)

Delay measurement with automatic correction (Accurately measures phase and time delay differences of individual speakers or input signal [active OEM systems], separate measurement hardware required for loudspeaker measurement)


Frequency response measurement with binaural addition. (Measures the frequency response at any input or mixer output group. Creates EQ suggestion for de-equalizing or loudspeakers. Separate measurement hardware required for loudspeaker measurement). Calculates the loudness from the individual frequency responses using medium weight logarithmic addition)

3 selectable optional modes for Front / Center / Rear - Management Front: Straight through the mixer (as before). Crossmix: Only left signals are added to the right side via a lowpass and a timedelay (and vice versa). The result is a better bass performance with given power / smaller speakers. Matrix calculation: The monaural signals extracted by the center algorithm are subtracted from the right/left signals.

Center: Straight through the mixer (as before). Classic summation (center shows the monaural signals, only left signals are subtracted, only right signals are weighted, adjustable). Matrix calculation: An algorithm extracts relevant signals (voice) and outputs them via the center.

Rear: Straight through the mixer (as before). Crossmix: Filtered subtraction of the opposite side. Effect: Extended front platformwidth.


Matrix calculation: The rear speakers only output signal components that are not relevant for the stage image, an extended three-dimensionality is generated via a delay..

The corresponding modes can be selected separately for Center / Front and Rear.

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